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About Us

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We have broad and deep technology experience working in Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Human Resources and Technology industries. We have worked on some of the most complex and successful initiatives at these companies—from building highly scalable e-commerce sites, to processing millions of claims, detecting healthcare fraud, processing payroll to moving assets for corporate clients and building technology tools. In a previous life, one our founders taught Java to corporate clients for a living.

We share a deep love for building great things and decided to set off on our own to create a company where technologists can come together to do great work for our clients. And, when we are not working on our clients' projects we work on our own ideas and projects.

Our Team

Amit Kirdatt


Amit has worked in healthcare, human resource administration, private equity and retail industries in various technology leadership and engineering roles. Earlier in his career, Amit worked at several startups where he focused on product development, sales, and engineering.

Amit finds himself inspired by the Chef and Endurance Sports cultures.

Chef culture, because of the creativity and the high level of execution that is needed to be successful.

Endurance sports because of the consistent training, discipline and mental toughness required to compete the events

Andrew Sondgeroth


Andrew is a self-driven, results-oriented nerd. He doesn’t like the outdoors and dedicates most of his time to working on client projects, coding or any other indoor activity to justify staying out of the sunlight.

When Andrew isn’t working on “work” he’s usually on his MacBook, iPhone or Xbox…because he really does love nerd stuff that much. He believes technology is not only fun but also will ultimately save humanity.

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Let's talk! At heart, we are technologists who love business. Listening to your vision, goals, and future helps us build exactly what you need.

Code Infinite Labs

3270 West Lake Street, Suite 24
Minneapolis, MN 55416